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My top ten movies of all time My top ten movies of all time 1.Defending you.An everyday guy(Albert brooks, who also outlined)Dies and goes to view city, a holding tank for the world where souls defend their just lived lives.The more you let fear rule your own, the extra likely you'll be sent back to earth as someone else.Meryl streep devours her role as brooks' love interest including the corn dog she buys at the"Past happiness pavilion, rip torn is an eleven out of ten as brooks' law firm.Breathtaking jokes, beautiful findings on life.This one surely, ever fails to pull me out of anything that pit i've dug myself.Read euripides' alcestis in order to watch it. 2.While harry met sally.Is he a sucker for inspiring comedies?Billy crystal and meg ryan take ten years to event, all the while arguing over whether both males and females can be"Just excellent, i love ravenscroft, thomas, nora ephron, take advantage of reiner, and town of new york.Visit but often attempt said everything about this film.I am down to appreciating the cultural issues between south orange and haddonfield, nj. 3.The main natural.Extremely romantic version of baseball Cheap Pandora Beads in which you know the results and are just fine with it.I did read the book by bernard malamud and like the movie.Craig levinson, the movie representative, sets out to have a mythological movie, and is successful.Robert redford doesn't even more so look like a ballplayer, but the situation of pre jackie robinson major league ball and the underdog plot line seduce me completely. 4.Rear eye-Port.Alfred hitchcock's neglected and restored classic about a convalescing digital professional wedding shooter(Wayne stewart)And his fashionista honey(Grace kelly felix)Who try to eliminate a murder stewart has"Encountered"While spying out the rear window of his ny apartment.In my opinion, grace kelly is number one all time of good women:Fashionable, ultra girlie, and a shorts melter multi functional.All set, story and corroborating characters are all well observed, but the chemistry between kelly and stewart makes this see results about jewelry one i come back to repeatedly.To consider stewart telling kelly to"Simmer record, 5.Rainwater man.An additional barry levinson winner.Tom cruise in his best role completely reviewing a spiritual journey, with dustin hoffman burying him or her self in his autistic savant role.I love road snapshots.They always remind me of the journey, and the film hits a homer with unit fitted of sending cruise and hoffman onto back roads where the real america lies.Everyone who now hates tom cruise should watch this to understand that he plays himself very well.In spades. 6.Vertigo.This is one by hitchcock that is guaranteed to hook and baffle you from top to bottom.Harry stewart again, as the oedipus like investigation company who is caught in a web of his own making.The love their desire is kim novak, elegant chameleon;Also a comfortable role for barbara bel geddes, whom i knew before only as mother in dallas. 7.Thelma and also louise.Geena davis and susan sarandon as spontaneous feminists who find their ability in making life happen rather than letting it happen to them.Another extremely road picture.Ridley scott is one of the best directors.Men and women think the ending of this made no sense.I find it to be one of a perfect ancient greek endings of any american film. 8.Half truths durham:Touted as the most authentic baseball picture out of them all, it may be a romantic comedy with susan sarandon(Who gives grace kelly over the run for her money), Kevin Costner, And Tim Robbins having a fine time under the direction of former minor leaguer Ron Shelton.For authentic baseball, try bang the drum step by step, though using book by mark harris. 9.O good friend, wherein art thou:Holly finder, george clooney and music by ron stanley?You can hardly go wrong but the attractive sepia toned recreation of depression era mississippi steals the show.It isn't flattering south, and i have southern friends who abhor it.It's also allowed to be"Positioned"On the journey, and it's really down to as like the odyssey as troy is like the iliad.The movie asks you to cut loose and be absurd for a time.And routines so triumphantly. 10.Transformers(1977, The very first):This used to be my favorite movie in recent history.I will always remember the lines nearby at the coronet theater on geary street in san francisco.Gradually, one's flavor change.But it's still the best from all of the sw six, in not implementing these itself too seriously, and yet pushing emotional buttons in the correct way, and having pretty fantastic effects for the time. Your bonus, the pink panther movies featuring peter sellers.A shot in the dark is the best;The pink panther strikes again was my boyhood choice. Ethical mention:The little princess or queen bride:A great deal to like in this one, from outstanding lines to billy crystal and rob reiner again.My full-Size, lipids, greek wedding party:A guilty gratification, to, but very sociologically full of facts as well as lol funny.Tootsie:Dustin hoffman nevertheless, on this occasion as a cross dresser, with bill murray as well as the underrated Pandora Glass Beads teri garr.I'll take her everyday over jessica lange.Definitely, very funny flick.Lost in interpretation:A perfect script, and bill murray is outstanding.Blade jogger:Harrison ford directing by ridley scott, and excellent effects.For it is a pointer, a mind-Blowing creation of a future world.Gladiator:An additional by ridley scott.Okay, it's inauthentic until just last year, but the attitude towards faith is refreshingly dark.The english affected:Deeply impacting on, and beautifully shot.


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